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Posted by Shane Tittle on

 Let me start off by saying "Thank you for visiting our website."

As a family owned business we pride ourselves in making sure our customers receive high quality products and customer care. Selling online is beneficial and convenient for our clients, even if shop local is the preferred method for some. Pettagsdirect having small business values with the ability to ship and pack domestic and international makes our products and service top notch. Shipping is usually within 24 hours of purchase with tracking information provided to our customers, to insure our product arrives.

Some customers may ask "Why should my pets have identification?"
If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know about the importance of ID tags. Having identification and contact information securely attached to your pet makes it much more likely that you'll get your furry family member back if he or she decides to take off on a solo adventure.

Other questions "What info should I put on the id tag?"
Your pet’s name, your phone number and the city where you reside are essential.
Other options are:(depending on size of the tag)
Some people believe putting a cell phone number on a tag is a smart way to ensure that you are reachable, no matter where you are.
You can include your address, but sometimes there isn’t enough room on a tag. Plus, some people may not feel comfortable having that much personal information in the hands of whoever finds their pet. If your dog is micro-chipped,list the microchip company’s name and phone number.

Some pet owners must have more information or more than one tag per animal, having more than one tag can create issue's most tags are diamond drag engraved or laser engraved. To help with wear and tear on a tag, tag silencers are beneficial. Keeping the tags from rubbing important information off and clanking, most people do not enjoy hearing tags jingling.

Once again "Thank you for visiting our website. Hope that you share with friends and family how important it is to keep our fur family members safe and how to go about it. Please keep us in mind on your purchase or future purchases."

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